Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Word of Warning....

This is how I thought the world looked the first two weeks
I have received many messages over that last few days stating that I have inspired people to try to "go Primal". While this is great for so many reasons and I fully encourage them to do so, there are some not so fun things to look forward to for your first week or two and, I don't want you going into this unaware. So, I will tell you about my first two weeks so at least you have something. That being said, not everyone will have the same results. Some will have no physical stress, some will have more but, all I have to share is my own experience.

Headaches: OMG! I had the worst headache that lasted for a whole week! It didn't matter how much water I drank or what I ate. I tried some Advil and it only dulled the pain, it never actually went away. I hated every minute of it and it made me grumpy! However one morning, I woke up and the headache was gone. I haven't had one since and feel much better now!

Lethargy: Yep! I was exhausted for the first week or so. I didn't want to do anything but eat, and sleep, While some of that might have been because of the headache, not all of it was. I felt like I was moving through water and I had to think in a cloud. Just getting up to cook dinner or clean the house left me needing a nap. But again, it didn't last long and now I have great energy! I used to nap everyday and now it's a rare treat to nap. I just don't need to.

Poor Sleep: I slept like crap! I would toss and turn, wake up every hour, hear every noise. Nothing worked. I could not for the life of me get a good nights sleep. Thank goodness this only lasted about a week. Now, I sleep like a baby and wake up ready to go. Don't get me wrong, I still love to sleep in but I don't NEED to and that's a great feeling!

Muscle Cramps: Terrible, TERRIBLE, muscle cramps in my calves. Doing research I found that I should try a potassium supplement and possible magnesium. I did this and, it helped! However, I took too much magnesium and that led to my next issue. Oh, and the cramps? Gone now. I eat a banana a couple nights a week before bed and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Diarrhea: Yes, I'm talking about poop. I didn't have pain, just the runs.... literally. This is a terrible thing to go through! I did find out that this was mostly self induced. I cut back on the magnesium and BAM! No more problems. And, while we are on the topic, I have not once had a problem with constipation.

Mood Swings: Not your normal female mood swings. I had "throw that crazy bitch in a padded room" mood swings! I'm surprised my husband was so good to me. I would rant, rave, cry, laugh all at the same time. See, I have always had hormone imbalance issues and this was setting my body off! This stopped quickly, and within two weeks I was back to normal... even better actually. I haven't even had mood swings during my typical time of the month. I think my family is quite grateful.

Looking at that list, I can understand while some people throw in the towel. If I had not realized that my body was detoxing. That all the years of chemicals and processed foods were clearing from my body and, that my body was going through withdrawals of caffeine and sugar, that my hormones were trying to balance out, I would have given up. But then there was that one morning....... the sun came up, the birds were singing and I FELT AMAZING!! I will make you this promise:  If you are doing what you should be doing, you will get through this and, you will feel amazing too! I have great energy, I am happy and satisfied, my cravings are gone (or easily handled), I feel better than I have in years! Stick it out, it will be worth it!

Don't follow your dreams; chase them!

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