Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crafty Motivation...

I am not a generally crafty person. You will not find my home filled with lovely things that I have made. I don't give out homemade gifts often, I am fairly artistically challenged and I never would have thought of this without Pinterest. That being said, I think they came out pretty fantastic and I love seeing the pieces move from one jar to another. All that being said, here is how I made my jars...

Misty's Weight Loss Motivational Jars


  1. Acrylic "Ice" in pink - One for every pound lost 
  2. Acrylic "Ice" in aqua - One for every 5 pounds lost
  3. Acrylic "Ice" in clear - One for every 10 pounds lost
  4. 2 - 6" Cylinder Vases - Found at Walmart for .99 cents
  5. Pink Glitter Letter Stickers - Enough to spell the phrases you want on your jars
  6. 1 Large Pocket Stone - engraved with the work "Believe" found on Etsy.  
  • Count out the needed Acrylic "Ice" pieces needed, mix them well and set them aside. In my case I counted out 155 pink, 31 aqua and, 15 clear
  • Decide on the sayings you will use on your Vase and stick on your Letter Stickers. I used the words "Pounds Left" and "Pounds Gone" on mine.
  • Place the Pocket Stone in the bottom of the "Pounds Left" jar in a position that you can see it when the jar is full.   leaned my stone towards the front on the vase and then filled around it.
  • Add your Acrylic "Ice" pieces to your "Pounds Left" jar.
  • Move the appropriate pieces to your "Pounds Lost" jar. I moved 17 pink pieces, 3 aqua pieces and, 1 clear piece to my lost jar.
  • Place your jars in a prominent place that you will see everyday. For me that meant on the entertainment center under the TV.  

That's it! The whole thing was very simple and I just love the way they look. Now, even if I can't see a difference in me, I can look at those jars and know that the pounds are still moving and I am still moving towards my goal. All in all, I think that I did a pretty good job with my project and look forward to watching the "Pounds Lost" jar fill up and the new me revealed!

All my materials

Showing my pocket stone in the bottom

Instead on pounds to lose I chose the words Pounds Left.
I just felt it was a little more motivational

Using "Pounds Gone" reminds me that I am not "losing"
but getting rid of pounds.  They are GONE.  I am
never going to find them again!

These are the jars I saw on Pinterest that got the idea
going in my head

What motivational ideas have you come up with to reach your goals?

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