Monday, September 30, 2013

Overcoming the Overwhelming...

"I want a hamburger with fresh cut fries covered in fry sauce and, a large Pepsi." That's what I wanted to tell the waitress last night.  Actually that is all I could think about yesterday was having that meal. As we headed to the restaurant last night I KNEW I was going to have that meal. I have been good for so long, I could be bad just this once.  Right?!

No, this is not her
As we sat down at the table last night and opened our menus I began scanning the burger section. I was having the burger. I chose my burger... the Cajun... and prepared to order. The waitress took forever!! Sitting there waiting for her I looked across the room and (this is going to sound shallow) saw a very large woman sitting at another table with her family. She had an order of nachos and a hamburger sitting in front of her and she was drinking from a large soda. It was like looking at what my future could be if I decided to go back to my old ways of eating. At that moment I knew I would not be ordering that hamburger after all and, when the waitress came back I placed my order for a steak salad and a larger glass of water.

So, is taking my motivation from this woman wrong? Maybe. But I wasn't judging her or her eating. She may not know how to or feel she needs to change. This journey is not for everyone. I honestly didn't even really see HER it was more like looking into the mirror and she was that mirror. I refuse to fail and am grateful for motivation and the push for good choices no matter where they come from. In the end, I am grateful for the woman at the restaurant. She made me strong when I felt extremely weak.

So today, I am ready to go and continuing down the right path to getting healthy. I almost fell off the proverbial wagon but managed to hang on for dear life and overcome the overwhelming urge to jump. This is not an easy path I am on but, I am doing the very best I can!

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