Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Special Edition: Never Forget....

While I would not normally write a blog today, I feel the need to honor this day. Please bear with me.

I remember exactly what I was doing on this day in 2001. Actually, there is not much I don't remember about this day or the weeks following. The fear and realization of what was happening. For lack of a better phrase, my lose of innocence as an American. I remember family coming together just to reassure that all was well and mourning together for those that lost theirs. I remember bravery and unity like I had never witnessed. I remember silence... total and complete silence.  

I am proud of being an American! I may not always agree with what our government does or says, I do believe in us as people and, in our strength and unity. And most of all, even if our Constitution is hanging by a thread, I believe we will survive. God Bless America!!

I have lost friends and I have known others that have lost more. Our country will never be the same but, I honestly believer that we can be stronger! Today, my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones that day and continue to do so today to protect us from this ever happening again!


by William A Predeau

Many days will stand out in our lives
But not all we wish to recall
like the day when terror entered
And made the towers fall

We watched as heroes entered
most never came back home
they saved many others lives
without a thought for their own

They rushed into hell's inferno
knowing full well what they'd face
and sacrificed their own lives
So others could flee that place

Those people who were lucky enough
To escape death's door that day
Should never forget the heroes that died
So they may live today

So when you say your prayers tonight
And thank God for his love and bread
Remember those heroes who rushed in
Where angels feared to tread

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