Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weigh in Day and 100 Reasons Why I Won't Quit...

He's back!! Yeah baby!
It has been four weeks since my last weigh in and... look at that little guy dance! That's right, I have just finished the 8th week of my new lifestyle and I am officially 290.2lbs! That means over the last four weeks I have lost 7.8lbs for a grand total of.... drum roll please.... -24.9lbs! I'm feeling wonderful and am super excited to keep moving forward.

I do have a quick question for you... Would you like to see more frequent weigh in days? Maybe every two weeks instead of four? I'd be happy to oblige either way!

I have an important item to mention... I want to congratulate some people's losses as well.  My friends and supporters, those taking this journey with me. While they may be using a different method, the are walking the same road: Trisha - For your sweet sassy attitude and for moving forward even when you didn't want to. I really can see the changes in your beautiful face. Nancy - For being so excited and kind. Your words have truly kept me going and your loss has been amazing. Kim - For getting me started and sharing your success with me. He has lost nearly 74lbs! Jim - For your determination just because someone said you couldn't! How much have you lost anyway? Teresa - I don't know you but, you stopped by my blog and told me your story. You had at that time lost 15lbs! I hope you are still doing well! Bella and Carolyn - I don't know you either but you both stopped by to tell me how you are doing and lend your support. They had lost 14 and 27lbs respectively at the time! Way to go all of you!

I also want to send a heartfelt thank you to all those who have stepped up to lend their support and encouragement.  You all are amazing and make me feel truly blessed.

And now for 100 reasons why I won't quit.  These are in no particular order and yes, some are a bit shallow. But, I think that is part of the journey and part of life.

I won't quit because I want to:
  1. Live a long and healthy life for myself and for David
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Not have to worry if the seat belt will fit
  4. Get a cat call that isn't sarcastic
  5. Go shopping in a "normal" clothing store
  6. Walk, climb, and jump with comfort not pain
  7. Feel more confident when meeting new people
  8. Stop being the Wallflower
  9. Be happier in my skin
  10. Be an inspiration to others
  11. Squeeze through a narrow spot without worrying if I get stuck or being embarrassed if I do
  12. Run a zombie 5K
  13. Not be recognized by someone who hasn't seen me in awhile
  14. Show a few people what they missed out on
  15. Know that the relationships that are left in my life after this journey are true and honest
  16. Not have to worry about a weight limit
  17. Ride a roller coaster in comfort
  18. Sit at a movie and not have to constantly readjust because the seat is cutting into my hips
  19. Order whatever I want at a restaurant and not feel judged
  20. Look at myself in the mirror and like what I see
  21. Not have a weight loss goal anymore
  22. Say "I used to be fat"
  23. Rock a sexy pair of jeans
  24. To look back and truly be proud of how far I've come
  25. Not to be camera shy
  26. Do a pinup photo shoot and feel good about the results
  27. Not have to think about food all the time.  I want it to become second nature
  28. To be able to say "I wasn't happy so, I did something about it!"
  29. To learn that doing something just for me is not selfish but important
  30. To be a good roll model for my nieces and nephews
  31. To dance on the table without fear or breakage (Me or the table)
  32. To fit in those stupid plastic lawn chairs
  33. Not to have to worry about whether or not the chair will hold me
  34. Get a piggy back ride
  35. Smile more
  36. Hike to Corona Arch and all the other beautiful places in Moab
  37. Go repelling
  38. Go on a zip line
  39. Not freak out if my shirt pulls up and shows a little skin
  40. Wear a pair of jeans that the inside seam doesn't wear out in
  41. See a shirt I "just have to have" and know I can
  42. Wear a wiggle dress
  43. Try out some new "positions" I just can't quite get into right now
  44. Be able to paint my own toes
  45. To be able to get up off the floor gracefully
  46. To fit in the booth at ANY restaurant
  47. Learn to belly dance and then maybe show it off
  48. Not to have to worry about sweat and rashes
  49. Not make up excuses to not do an activity because my weight keeps me from enjoying it
  50. Be able to get myself in and out of David's Jeep without a struggle
  51. Be able to fit comfortably in the driver seat of David's Jeep
  52. To wear a bra from Victoria Secret
  53. To be able to use a normal bathroom stall without feeling strangled
  54. Be able to wear tall boots without slouching them down or breaking the zipper
  55. To be able to cross my arms without resting them on my stomach
  56. To actually be able to accept a jacket when offered while I am freezing
  57. Wear shorts and tank tops in the summer instead of jeans and T's
  58. To actually fit in the bathtub and enjoy my bath
  59. Lose the butt shelf
  60. Buy sexy underwear that can't second as a table cloth
  61. Not hear the words "at least you have such a pretty face" 
  62. Not be the biggest one in the pictures on my husbands side
  63. Prove to the world that I really can do this
  64. Be able to use a regular sized towel and have it fit around me
  65. Be able to hug my knees to my chest
  66. See my collar bones
  67. Know what I can look like thin and healthy
  68. Not to worry about back boobs
  69. Look straight down and see my toes
  70. Buy clothes because they look good not just because they fit
  71. Only have one chin
  72. Have ankles not cankles
  73. Feel comfortable sitting in my husbands lap
  74. Not feel like the biggest one in the group
  75. Be able to be extremely picky with the clothes I buy
  76. Finally see a weight on the scale under 200lbs.  I haven't seen that in 14 years
  77. Walk by a group of people that starts laughing and not feel like it was me they were laughing at
  78. Learn to scuba dive and not be nervous about getting into a wet suit
  79. Ride a  bike without my butt swallowing the seat
  80. Sit in the back seat of a two door car and not have to worry about getting in or out
  81. Not worry about sitting down and my shirt riding up over my butt shelf and my pants pulling down exposing my butt crack for the world to see
  82. Fit between my bed and the table at the end without always bruising my hips to get through
  83. Not have my back hurt after standing and cooking in the kitchen all day
  84. Wear leggings and a cute belted sweater with a pair of tall boots and look good.  Not like a stuffed sausage
  85. Be able to dress up and really feel like I look as good as I think I do
  86. Feel beautiful
  87. Run and play with my dogs and not feel winded
  88. Walk down the street without feeling like everyone is staring at me
  89. Have my husband fall in love with my new body
  90. Be more confident in the woman I have become
  91. Finally feel like my inside woman matches my outside woman
  92. Wear heels with less pain
  93. Jump in the water with everyone else and not feel like a beached whale
  94. Learn to swim and not feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit
  95. Walk all day during an activity and not come home with swollen feet and sore legs
  96. Enjoy life how it was meant to be enjoyed
  97. Be strong for my husband
  98. Stop holding myself back
  99. See my elbows
  100. Never have to write this list again

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  1. Great job on the loss! It's so awesome to see success of my friends. And thanks for the props :-) I love your list - especially the one where you want to sit on your hubby's lap. So sweet and caring. I feel you sister!

    1. Thank you Nancy! You truly have been so supportive! I appreciate it!