Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Go Take a Hike....

Go take a hike, learn to jog, do a video, walk the dog, dance like no one is watching, be a spaz, learn to fidget... all things I know I should be doing but lack the motivation to do. How is it that I have the eating thing down but I am lacking the motivation to move?!

This week I am making the commitment to get out and move! That means that I pledge to you that I will do some sort of additional exercise this week for 30 minutes everyday! Yes, I said everyday. And, I will update this blog post each day with what activity I chose to do and how it made me feel.

  • Tuesday October 8th: Today I walked to pick up our Jeep from the mechanic and also spent two hours enthusiastically cleaning the house. After dinner David and I went for a walk through our neighborhood. All in all I'm counting about an hour worth of exercise today. I'm feeling more motivated today. I hope this motivation lasts, and shortly turns into a habit.
  • Wednesday October 9th: What a freaking hectic day! I worked 9 hours with no lunch break then, went to my tax class until 9. After class I came home, fed David and then.... we went for a walk! Yep! I still managed to get in my 30 minutes. I would have liked to have done more but I'm burned for the day! Off to bed with me!
  • Thursday October 10th: I didn't really go out and do much after work today, I was drained. I did however stand in the kitchen cooking and cleaning for about 3hrs (I need more crock pot meals). And, it was pouring cold rain. That being said, I don't think it counted as exercise. Oh well, I'll do better tomorrow!
  • Friday October 11th: When I got home from work today my husband was napping so I went back out and took my walk. Felt great to get it done early and have the rest of the evening to relax!
  • Saturday October 12th: Sick... that's me today. Not the I feel kind of icky but the... I can't move and want to lay here kind of sick. Just my luck! Rest and sleep for me.
  • Sunday October 13th: Ok this is going to have to be repeated... still sick and feeling AWFUL! Sleep and rest again today.
  • Monday October 14h: I Leave this challenge with a promise to do this again.... when I am feeling better!

This weeks blog is a living blog, follow it and help keep me motivated! Please leave your comments here or on my FACEBOOK page! You are my cheerleaders and without you this journey would be so much harder!

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