Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'll Be Happy When....

I'll be happy when I lose my weight, get that new job, pay off all my bills, get those new shoes, find the man of my dreams, buy a new car.... The list can go on and on. Why would you wait to be happy? Why not find joy in your life now? You see, I choose to be happy. I don't wait for happy to choose me because if I did, I'd be miserable!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when some one says to me: "Just think of how happy you will be when you finally get to your goal weight!". While I know they mean well, I just don't understand why I can't be that happy now. Why do I have to wait? Why does life have to be good or perfect before I can find happiness in it? Personally, I don't want to wait! I want and am happy now and I chose to be happy now! Life is too short to wait for things to be just right before you
are fully happy.

I am so happy, I have the marks to show it! Seriously! Even when I am not smiling I have smile lines and crows feet! People generally hate those two things. Me, I love them! It means I enjoy my life! I laugh and smile and love and proudly wear the marks that show it. I don't have the best smile or the most beautiful laugh but I share them anyway because..... I AM HAPPY NOW!

I really just want you to be happy NOW. Enjoy the beauty and the people around you now. Stop waiting until "when". That day may never come and if it does, something else will just be out of reach. Choose to be happy and, when you reach your goals, it will seem even sweeter!


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