Thursday, October 3, 2013

Recipe Day: Mayonnaise and What can you eat?

I've been getting the question: "What can you eat?" a lot lately so, I've decided to put it here. I can't cover everything so instead I will cover what I don't eat and what I limit.

  1. I don't eat ANY grains. That includes all rice, oats, wheat etc. I do occasionally splurge and have rice when I have sushi.  I love sushi and because I don't get to have it often, I don't have any intention of giving it up.
  2. I don't eat any added sugar. Natural sugars in fruits I limit and, I occasionally will have some raw natural honey. I do however splurge on some dark chocolate now and again.
  3. I limit dairy. This means I do have some cheese on my meals and I LOVE feta and blue cheese. I don't drink milk or use heavy creams. I substitute almond milk in recipes and often use plain fat full Greek yogurt of sour cream. I do this mainly because milk messes me up!  My family appreciates my choice to not drink it.
  4. I eat most vegetables, but do not eat white potatoes or corn and only eat sweet potatoes on occasion. Not only do I eat most vegetables, I eat a ton of them.  I have salads and sides.  I use them to bulk meal sizes. I love me some vegis!
  5. I do not eat any processed foods or artificial sweeteners. I make all my meals from scratch and all my condiments too. That's not to say that when I go out to eat that some doesn't sneak into my meals but, I make the best choices I can in situations like that.
  6. I do not eat any soy products except for the occasional splurge of edamame at the sushi place.
  7. I do not eat legumes. That means no beans of any kind, and no peanuts or peanut butter. I do eat peas on occasion and green beans once in awhile.
I don't know about you but,
this doesn't look unhealthy to me
This may seem restrictive to some but I can attest that my family does not feel like they are eating restrictively. They are happy and full and enjoying our food. Who can complain about eating bacon and not having to worry about it?

I understand some people believe this is not healthy.  That's OK, you are entitled to your opinion and I agree this may not be right for everyone but, it is right for me and I feel better and healthier than I ever have.

And now for the promised recipe:

My Primal Mayo
  • 1 large egg right out of the fridge
  • 8 oz walnut oil - You can use any lightly flavored primal oil but I prefer the walnut
  • pinch of kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp dry mustard
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • immersion blender
  • beaker or even a small mason jar - I use the beaker that came with my blender because it has a lid and I use it for storing the mayo too.

Crack the egg into your container. Pour in your oil. Add the salt, mustard and vinegar. Let it rest on the counter for just a minute. Plunge in your blender to the bottom and turn it on. Once you see it start turning white move the blender up and down until all the oil is emulsified. Put on the lid and stick it in the refrigerator to chill for about an hour (it can be used right away but, I like it better after it's chilled a bit.)

This is so easy you won't even believe it! And, it's no fail! It is so much better than anything in the store and can be used the same way. I wouldn't keep it in the fridge for more than 5-6 days so I only make it as I need it and, since I need it a lot you could almost always find it in my refrigerator.

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