Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Day Will Come...

I hate being sick but, the last little while I've been fighting a monster of a cold. This gave me time to do some thinking about a lot of things and I am coming out my funk with a renewed feeling of motivation and drive! I am now ready to tackle the rest of my journey!

Before I got sick, I was starting to really feel down. I had gone two weeks without a budge in weight loss, I didn't feel my clothes getting larger, I really REALLY wanted pizza and a soda. I just felt unmotivated and begrudged the good choices I was making. I really just felt like I was going through the motions and not making any progress. And then I realized... I AM GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS this means I AM STILL MOVING FORWARD! Nothing was stopping me. I was not letting my mind change my path. I just kept moving forward and not stopping even when I wasn't seeing the changes I wanted to see. 

I copied the following down once.. I can't remember where I read it but it was very thought provoking and something that I think I will return to time and time again:

"....We are an immediate gratification culture. We start a diet and want to see results the next day. We check for bulging muscles after one day at the gym. We want to be smarter just because we attend college and spiritual because we went to church last Sunday. But that isn't how life works. There are certainly times that we see visible results. Sure, you can do an extreme diet and loose 5 pounds of water weight in 3 days. But that rarely lasts. Sure, you can go to a conference and be totally pumped up and on fire, but what happens when you go back to work on Monday? Were you really changed? Sometimes good things happen fast, but far more often good things are the long awaited for result of intense work and perseverance."

I really think that we get so pumped to get to the results that we forget there is a journey to complete first and so, we get discouraged. This journey is going to be chock full of hard work and times of no results. That doesn't mean I'm not making progress it just means, I'm in a dry spell. I will keep on moving forward one step at a time and continue to push myself eventually, the day will come when I can finally say I did it! I reached my goal and I will be able to look back and see those dry spells as just tiny specks along the road.

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