Monday, October 21, 2013

Twelve Weeks Down and a Lifetime to Go!

What a whirlwind the last three months have been! I have made enormous changes to my eating style and have lost over 30lbs (not official so not on my slider)! I am feeling great and have so much more energy than I used to. There are still things I need to work on but I really feel I am on the right track!

What have I learned? I have learned that...

  • Making the right food choices is easy once you realize that having something unhealthy is terrible for your health and your well being is more important than 30 seconds of pleasurable flavor. Does that mean I don't want bread or soda? Nope it just means that my mindset has changed enough that I want to make healthy choices for my health more than I want that instant gratification.
  • Making myself important is not selfish. Making myself important is necessary for my health and, in the long run, makes every other part of my life sweeter.
  • I need support and encouragement and have found it in so many places that were unexpected. Thank you all!
  • I need to do better in the exercise realm. My weight loss would be more and I could start doing some of the other things I want to do. I really need a kick in the rear here. It's hard to feel motivated some days.
  • I must really have been wearing clothes that were too small because I have just now gone done one pant size!

I did take some pictures and I feel they really show the loss over the last three months. The before picture is not at my highest weight but, I tried to avoid the camera as much as possible. I can see a difference and, I hope you can too!

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  1. Keep it up Misty, you're a GREAT Gal. Kim

    1. Thank you Kim! You are a HUGE part of my inspiration and one of the biggest reasons I started this journey!

  2. WOW! I love before and after pictures! I can really see the difference alot in your face. I wish I lived near you we could exercise walk together. I think weight that comes off slowly in more likely to stay off then weight that comes off fast come right back. SLOW AND STEADY Kelli