Monday, October 28, 2013

Weigh in Day and Non-scale Victories...

Do you know what that dancing guy means?! That's right! I'm down again! Today I am officially down another 6lbs from my last weigh in bringing to a total of -32.7lbs! There have definitely been some ups and downs but the trend is down and that it the way it needs to be.

I have gotten a couple of remarks lately about my focus on the numbers and, yes, I do focus somewhat on the numbers on the scale. Why so much you might ask? for a couple reasons:
  •  At my weight, the numbers need to be going down. Yes, inches and muscle gain are positives but, my weight needs to come down too.
  • It's easier to show my progress to everyone if I measure my successes by pounds. If I only focused on inches, or clothing size, I would always get the question: "That's great but, how many pounds have you lost?" 

All of this is not to say the scale is the only way I am measuring my losses. I celebrate my NSV's (Non-scale Victories) on my FACEBOOK page all the time! Here is what I have celebrated so far:
  • 9/17/2013 - Great NSV (non-scale victory) today! I put on a gray shirt that was too tight in the arms and pulled across my belly just a month ago and now, it slipped right over my arms and hangs loosely over my belly! So exciting for me since I wasn't really feeling any difference in my body. Sometimes, the small things are the most important!
  • 9/21/2013 - I love non scale victories! Today I have two!
    1. I had to wear a belt to keep my pants from falling down and sagging!! That is the first time in many years!
    2. My nephew put my clothes in the dryer and I NEVER dry my shirts. I pulled one out just sure it wouldn't fit and... IT FIT!!
    Hurray for non scale victories!
  • 10/9/2013 - I forgot to post this one the other day and, I think it's because I had a hard time considering it a victory. I had to buy two new bras in a smaller size!
  • 10/16/2013 - Another non-scale victory today! I went to scratch an itch on the side of my neck and felt something weird.... the ligaments and muscles in my neck! They've been covered by a layer of fat so long it kind of scared me for a second!
  • 10/16/2013 - Two NSV's in one day? What is the world coming to? Anywho... I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom smearing henna in my hair and wearing my workout
    pants and a cami... I noticed I have a waist! I really am starting to see it again!
  • 10/23/2013 - I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for over a week now because it kept falling off randomly and I would only notice because I would hear it hit the ground (I don't have much feeling in my left hand since my injury)! This is frustrating to me! I couldn't wear it for my wedding because my hand was in a cast and now, I can't wear it because it's too big!
    Sorry for the vent, this should probably be a non-scale victory but I'm having a hard time seeing it that way.

All of this really comes down to two things: I will continue to use the scale as my primary tool for measurement but I promise to spend more time celebrating my NSV's too!

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