Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day Late but Doing Great!

This past month has been amazing! I have had a happy home full of friends and laughter, exactly how I love my home! Despite the loss of our beloved dog Gunner (You can read about that here), I have managed to feel more joy and love than I could ever have imagined!

Making Sausage
Our first set of Canadian visitors and good friends Diane and Mike came down to spend a few days with us making sausage and going skydiving.( I think Diane has a bit of a problem with her addiction to jumping out of a plane, and I plan to eventually join her, but to each their own.) We made a ton of really yummy sausages, spent some great time together and then, all too soon, they headed back home.

Orly and I at Todai in Las Vegas

After Mike and Diane left for home, I started getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas to meed our good friends from Israel, Orly, Amit and their good friend Yishay, for the SEMA show. I won't write much about the show except to say it was absolutely amazing and I loved it! My husband is writing his blog about it so I will link it HERE when he is done. As for our time in Las Vegas with Orly, Amit and Yishay, we had an amazing time. One of the highlights: Todai Sushi... If you haven't tried it you are completely missing out it is an amazing all you can eat sushi place. And, if others in your party don't like sushi, there is a ton of other food options on the buffet! We also managed to meet up with some of our friends Bear and Gary from the Dirt Hedz Off-Road Club in Salt Lake for dinner at the Pink Taco located in the Hard Rock Hotel. We got there early on Tuesday morning and headed back home with our Israeli friends in tow on Friday.
Brad and Lukas

Arriving home from Las Vegas late Friday evening, we met up with our second set of Canadian friends Brad and Lukas. We knew they were coming down to go wheeling with us that weekend, what we didn't know was the amazing news they shared with us that night: They came down to get engaged! I am so excited to for them! Congratulations Brad and Lukas! (Brad, I still think the flag was missing... eh??)

The next two days were spent out on the trails with Orly, Amit, Yishay, Brad, Lukus, The Cobia Clan (Mike, Caroline, Jonny, Greg, Tina and Drake), Malcolm and Tyler. We had a great time being outside and spending good quality time together. I felt capable walking around on the rocks and had the best time out with a bunch of our friends. I love my life!!

Just a few vehicles in our front yard....

Gold Bar Rim
Gold Bar Rim
The V-notch on Green Day in Area BFE
Our lunch spot after The Gatekeeper in Area BFE
Malcolm in the Gatekeeper at Area BFE

Greg and Tina left to return home on Sunday afternoon, Brad and Lukas left with "Cam Dog" their goofy little miniature pincher. Monday morning, Mike and Caroline left on Monday afternoon with Yishay, Orly left with Jonny on Tuesday and Amit, left to return to Israel yesterday. Our house now seems so quiet.

With my friends down from Canada, vacation last week in Las Vegas and even more friends in town until yesterday my life has been hectic! I'm not complaining, one of my favorite things is a home full of friends that I love! Having them all there means a lot of eating out however, and that is hard on my progress. I manage to maintain while in Las Vegas and, once I started drinking more water at home the water weight which I had retained while on vacation started coming off. I am now headed down again! I can and will do this! Last night, I started the c25k (couch to 5k) running program and, I really think I am going to love it.

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  1. I missed the part where you walked 15 MILES (!!) in three days of the SEMA Show.....
    Nuts about you :)

    1. It's true, we did walk 15 miles at SEMA... we are awesome!