Thursday, February 20, 2014

Goal Setting Part 2 - A Value Based Goal Statement...

Writing a goal statement can't be that hard. "I want to lose weight"... there, I stated my goal! Well, kind of, but not really. Writing a goal statement (notice the word "writing") is more detailed than that, and should be a thought provoking experience for you. Do you remember what we talked about last week? A goal is much more involved than we first thought!

Let's use our blog from last week to help us write our goal statement:

  1. Goals are value based
  2. Goals are specific and concrete
  3. Goals are measurable
  4. Goals are realistic
  5. Goals are time-based
  6. Goals are written down
  7. Goals are shared
  8. Goals are flexible

Here is my goal statement:

I would like to start walking 3 days a week for two miles each day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I would like to continue for at least 4 weeks at which point I will reevaluate and determine if I need to add more time or distance, unless I feel the reevaluation needs to be done sooner. 

Now, let's pick it apart:

  • Is my goal value based? Yep, I really want to do this. I like spending time outside in the fresh air, and I like walking. I really want to give my weight loss a boost by increasing my exercise.
  • Is my goal measurable? Yes! I can measure both they days that I am walking on a calendar or my phone, and I can measure the miles with and app on my phone or by the markers on the walking path.
  • Is my goal realistic? This answer is extremely personal. I know that I have both the time and the ability to reach this goal. This may not be true to someone else, so this would not be a feasible goal for them. So, for me this is a realistic goal. Would this be a realistic goal for my friend down the road that weighs 400lbs and hasn't moved off the couch in months? Probably not, and that is fine. Goals are personal!
  • Is my goal time-based? Yes! I not only stated when I would do the walking, I also stated how long I would go before reevaluating.
  • Is my goal written? Well, this one is obvious... I wrote it here. If I was doing this just for myself, I would have written in a notebook or journal. 
  • Is my goal shared? Again, this is obvious, I will also post this on FACEBOOK. Sharing your goals keeps you accountable! Don't skip this step out of embarrassment! If you can't find someone to share it with, share it with me! I will keep you accountable!
  • Is my goal flexible? Yes, in two way although one is not so visible. I know that if for some reason I cannot walk on Monday I can always switch it up to Tuesday because I have the time. Sometimes life gets in the way and we have to bend a little. Also, I specifically stated that if I felt the need to reevaluate before my 4 week time frame was reached I can.

That's it! While your goal may be more involved, or even less involved, it's no less important to follow the rules to write a good honest value based goal statement that can get you on the road to planning your way to reaching your goal!

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