Monday, February 24, 2014

Goal Setting Part 3 - Planning Our Way to Success!

Over the last couple of weeks we have learned what a goal is, how to write a clear and value based goal statement, and now, we will plan our way to reaching our goals!! I know, I know, I like to fly by the seat of my pants too. I hate lists, and plans. I want life to keep me guessing. All that being said, I have learned that to really meet my goals I have to plan, make lists, and keep myself organized.

Ok, so now we know why would should plan out our goal, but how do we do it? Let me hold your hand through this. After all, what are friends for?

Step 1 - Understand what a goal is. Remember it is:
  • value based
  • specific and concrete
  • measurable
  • realistic
  • time-based
  • written down
  • shared
  • flexible

Step 2 - Write our goal statement. Here's ours from last week:
  • I would like to start walking 3 days a week for two miles each day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I would like to continue for at least 4 weeks at which point I will reevaluate and determine if I need to add more time or distance, unless I feel the reevaluation needs to be done sooner.   
Ok, so now what? Well, planning can be very detailed or not so very detailed. Helpful right? Not really, and I know that. You see, some of us love the details, and some of us just want to touch on the highlights. Both ways work, but I think it is easier to be as detailed as possible. Why not make it as easy as we can to reach our goals?

Step 3 - Gather your supplies. Seriously! Tell me one goal that doesn't need something. Even if it's just a pen and paper. For our goal we have a few more things we should gather.
  • Phone, planner, calendar... it doesn't matter just something to make a schedule on. In my case I am going to use my phone. Why my phone you might ask? Well that's two fold. It saves a tree, and two it will automatically set up a reminder for me so I don't have to remember what day it is, or to look at a calendar.
  • A pair of shoes, three pairs of socks, comfortable workout clothes, dog leash, ear phones, light jacket, and music on my phone. I also pick a convenient place to set these items so it's never difficult to put them on and get moving.
Step 4 -  Plan out the scheduled reminders in my phone or, if you are using a paper calendar, write the times I will walk on the proper days.

Step 5 - Make sure you are sharing your progress. For this goal, I will be using RunKeeper. I like RunKeeper because it tracks my miles, gives me mileage updates, and will post my workout for me on FACEBOOK. It's important to share, because it keeps you accountable!

Each goal is unique so the steps I used here may not fit with your goal, but they should give you somewhere to start.

That pretty much sums it up. Now get out there and reach your goals! You can do this!

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