Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Beck Diet Solution Week1 - Day 1

I received a copy of the Beck Diet Solution and I am going to follow it each day....

OK, here we go...

Today they want me to make a response card, but first I need to make a list of what I see as the reasons I want to lose weight

  • I won't be the biggest person in a picture of friends or family
  • I will feel more confident
  • I will be able to get in and out of my husbands jeep without feeling like I might fall backwards
  • I will feel accomplished at actually reaching my goal
  • I will feel healthier
  • I will look better in clothes
  • I will wear a swimsuit with more confidence
  • I won't have anyone bugging me about my weight
  • I won't feel like people are judging me when I order food
  • I won't feel like I am being judged at the grocery
  • I will be around longer for my family
  • I will be able to keep up with everyone else
  • I will not lose my breath from climbing a few stairs
  • I will have more energy
What next? Well the idea is to copy these onto an index card, or piece of paper and read them several times a day, everyday. So I must read the list twice a day at scheduled times. For me, this works best in the morning when I wake up, and then again before I go to bed in the evening. I am also supposed to read this list anytime that I am feeling week or tempted. The interesting thing is that you are supposed to read it even if you are feeling strong no matter what. I will probably be carrying a copy in my pocket, and have a copy by the bed.

This seems like a simple, and a little silly step, but when I think of all the times I have failed there is nothing that doing this can hurt. I have some small cards in my pocket, and a sheet by the bed. Let's do this!!

I am still feeling great about my Ideal Protein journey. I feel great, and I still love the simplicity!

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