Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm choosing Surgery...

I'm choosing surgery... yes, you read that right. The girl who thought she could do this all on her own with diet and will power is taking the surgical route. You want another surprise? I'm doing it in Mexico.

So let's start with Surgery, why I'm going this route, and then maybe next time, I'll talk about Mexico.

I have settled on having the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG. Coming to this decision has not been easy for me. I worked so hard over the last two years (this time) to loose weight, and it's just not working. I loose some, gain it back, loose some more, gain some more... I'm tired of living this roller coaster, and I want to be healthier. I know that some people are going to judge me; tell me I took the easy way out. Well, if that's how you feel then stop reading... move on... judge someone else, because nothing you say is changing this. Oh... and it's not an easy way out... I can guarantee that. No one I know that has had the surgery has had an easy time. It's hard FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Hell, diet is hard no matter how you deal with it.

So what is VSG? Well, they are basically going to do this to my stomach:

This isn't a sudden decision for me. I was actually approved for weight loss surgery about 13 years ago, but because my employer changed insurance company just two days after I got my approval letter, I was rejected. I have thought about the surgery over the years, and while I have never again had insurance that would approve me, I have always wondered where I would be today if I had been able to have the surgery back then. 

One might think that I just sat around, not caring about my weight, hoping that someday I might get the surgery, but that is not the case. At least not for me. I have tried, and tried to lose weight over the years. I spent years in Weight Watchers, doing Atkins, Slim Fast, Calorie Restriction, Working out, and most recently, Paleo. I would be amiss in saying they were failures, I did have some success. As a matter of fact, I was at one point in my life 420lbs. I managed to get down to 254lbs, and then I just couldn't lose anymore. I gained again, starting just two years ago at 320lbs. I managed again to get down into the 250's, but stalled again. My body just does not want to get below that mark; or at least my mind doesn't.

I've had some people tell me the reason that I can't lose weight is because I am weak willed, that I eat too much junk food, that I must stuff myself constantly, but that's just not true.  Granted, I like food, I like the occaisional sweet, and sometimes I just throw in the towel, but for the most part I try. EVERYDAY I try. My body fights against me constantly. I have PCOS which makes me infertile (fine with me, no kids happening at almost 40!), but it also makes it super easy to gain weight, and impossible to lose it. I am also very genetically inclined to be heavy. I love them all, but my whole family struggles with their weight. So, while this might not be a decision you would make, it's the right decision for me.

I'd love to have you follow me on this journey. I'd love to know your thoughts, good or bad. Oh! And, if you haven't noticed, I'm posting again! (Note previous post)


  1. Very proud of you Misty. I know how hard you work and have worked at this for quite some time - I'm right there with you! Way to go !

  2. Hi Misty, good for you to be choosing the surgery. I have had several surgeries. 2 by choice and the others to correct issues or to save my life... Yes, stomach weight loss surgeeies. Anyway, message me or call and I'll tell you all the good, bad and ugly. Oh ya, I've done the Mexico route also and then right here in Las Vegas, NV too.

    1. Hummmmm, it's showing unknown, but it's me, Audrey

  3. Misty, I too have PCOS and feel your struggle! I feel that you have decided to take control and not let PCOS win and for that I am so proud of you! It's so hard to lose weight especially when you have tried almost everything and given your all each time you try those things! I really hope that no one thinks you are taking the easy way out because dealing with this surgery for the first year will actually be harder than any diet or exercise you have ever done! Retraining your Brain and body at almost 40 will be hard to do so you definitely are NOT taking the easy way out at ALL!!!! If anyone says that you are you should direct them to a FB group for people that have had the surgery You will be having and hopefully that will open their eyes that you are actually taking control back, not giving in and taking the easy way out. Ok so don't take offense to this next part because I don't mean to offend at ALL! I personally think that you should see a counselor after you have the surgery, your body will be going through so many changes and it would be nice to you to have a sounding board, someone to listen and just be there for support, I'm going through a similar situation but without the surgery and seeing Antje has been the best decision for me, just a suggestion.
    Again, I am so super proud of you and good luck!!!!!

  4. So happy for you Misty! One of my best gal pals had the surgery done in Mexico; it was successful and changed her life. She continued the healthy eating habits she developed before surgery (that never helped her) and life has been wonderful once again. Best of luck. Prayers for safe travels and a successful surgery. Cheers, Laura Sexton

  5. Misty, I will gladly stand behind you in any decision you make that will better your health!!! Only you know the the true struggles you have faced. This is in no way the "easy way out" and I am proud of you for making a decision and doing what you feel is best for you! Love you and sending positive vibes your way! MONICA MCGUIRE