Friday, April 8, 2016

30 Days...

I just peeked at my countdown clock... 30 days...

30 days...

30 days until my new journey truly starts. 30 days until I board a plane, meet my surgeon in person, and complete the first real step on this new adventure. I guess I should have some sort of profound blog today, something that is meaningful, and witty. Honestly, I think I'm just kind of in shock. I'm stumbling through this pre-op period like it's not actually real. Don't get me wrong, I'm following the rules, taking all the right steps, it just seems so foreign to me right now. I kind of feel like a trained monkey. I just go through the motions, but I don't have any real emotion attached to it.

  want to be so excited for this journey that I can hardly contain it, but I don't feel that way. When I think about it, I just feel at peace. Peace with my decision, peace with the choices I'm making, peace with the outcome whatever that may be. As it gets closer to my date, I feel more like this. Less excited, more calm. I don't know, maybe this just means I'm ready. No regrets. Moving on.

Ok, ok, now on to other things.....

What have I done to get ready up to this point:

1 - My medical evaluation has been turned in, and reviewed by the surgeon and his staff
2 - My Psychological evaluation has been turned in, and approved (I can now say I'm not crazy... enough to be denied surgery!)
3 - My Contract is signed, and my surgery date is approved (May 9th)
4 - My down payment has been paid
5 - Hotel booked, and paid for
6 - Plane ticket booked, and paid for

I really don't have much left to do. A few small.. and big things, but all in all I'm on the right track. What's left? Well here's the list!

1 - Get certified check for the surgeon
2 - Have money organized for the Clinic
3 - Complete Pre-op diet
4 - Pack
5 - Board a plane, and have my surgery

It's all falling into place... simple, easy, quick. No complaints at all!

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