Friday, April 29, 2016

What kind of post opper do you want to be? Part 1 The History...

What kind of post opper do you want to be? That's the question I was asked today. It's interesting... My first reaction was that I wanted to be the successful post opper! But, what does that really mean?

This is a hard post to write. One might wonder why, I mean we all eat. I was given specific guidelines. I should follow those guidelines without question. Doctors always know what's best for me, right? No, I don't think so. Not always. I think intentions are good. But, if current obesity levels are any indication, scientists, and doctors don't have it right. Not completely anyway. I will caveat the rest of this post by clearly indicating: THESE ARE MY OPINIONS, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST (I've just done hours of research), I AM NOT A DIETITIAN.

After years of the normal American diet failing me, I began my dieting life... I think I was 12. Mom tried, I tried, we all tried. I would lose some, gain some, but for the most part, I just stayed a chunky kid, and teenager. I was active, I played outside, I was a normal 80's/90's kid/teenager. Life before Facebook, and World of Warcraft. It's not like we ate crazy foods, we didn't have soda growing up, Mom did her best. We had fruit, and veggies, and meats, and bread. It was "balanced", and "healthy" - Life Lesson #1 was learned during those years.... The SAD or Standard American Diet, and the Low-Fat craze of the 80's, was making me fat.

So what did this mean? Low-Fat, and balanced meals was making me fat? How was this possible?

Let's fast forward some... I am married (to my first husband), I am keeping my own home, and I am buying the groceries. These are the years that I can honestly say that I gained weight BECAUSE of my diet. Sodas, convenience meals, going out all the time... This was also the time that I lost some... I did slim fast... I starved... I did Atkins... I lost, gained when I gave up and went back to old habits... I did WW... I lost for awhile, but then stopped, and started gaining. It was all so confusing. Nothing was working. This was also the time that I was diagnosed with PCOS, you can look that one up on your own, just know it is a hormone imbalance.

More lessons learned: WW is again Low-fat, processed foods. I gained... pattern? I also did great on Atkins. Like really great for awhile. But, it was hard to maintain without support.

It was during this same period that I was approved for weight loss surgery... wait?! what?!... yes, you read that correct. I was approved for RNY surgery. However: the day I got my approval letter, my employer changed insurance companies, and they would not cover the surgery. In the long run, I think this was a blessing at that time, but we'll go into that later.

As the years went on, I did more research, I tried a million different way to lose weight. And, while I always ended up gaining weight back... mainly because I am fighting hellacious hormone issues.... not because I didn't try, or continue to fight the horrible beast that is this weight I carry.

I am in a new place in my journey now. I have new life, husband, belief, and support system.  Over the last two years I have battled my weight, and been successful, but as before my hormone, and health issues get in the way. I've learned a lot about what I believe is the healthiest way for me to eat, how my body feels best, how to be successful
.... one reasons choosing this surgery has been so hard for me.

So, what do I believe is the best way to eat? What kind of post opper do I really want to be? Well, that will have....

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