Friday, June 3, 2016

I had so many plans to write... but life!

I just realized that I am almost 4 weeks out of surgery, and I haven't updated. I had every intention to write a new blog every week about what had happened, how I felt, etc... but life happened! So here is a quick update on where I've been, where I am, and where I'm hoping to go!

All in all, I am feeling wonderful! If you read my last blog, you would have read the part where I passed out from dehydration just after I got home. Well, the soreness was getting worse, and so I went to the doctor. I have three broken ribs. They are still sore, but getting better everyday. If it wasn't for those darn ribs, I would probably feel 100%.

Week 2: What happened week two? Heck, I don't really remember. But here are my stats:

Week 3: I managed my way through Old School Rock Crawl, an event my husband competes at each year. It was hot, dry, and I had to eat so little. It really wore me out, and my ribs were killing me, but I tried my best to rest, and still have a great time. I did great, and managed to get in about 90 ounces of water a day. Oh! and my three week stats:

I've learned a few things over the last couple of weeks too:

  1. I don't have long lasting energy. It's increasing every day, but I will have to slowly work up my calorie intake until I can keep my self sustained.
  2. I really can't eat much. No matter how bad I want to try something I shouldn't, I can't chance it. I need to try to get my protein in, and I have no room left for the junk. That's a great thing, and makes me truly grateful for this tool.
  3. I need to stay off the scale. It's moving, or not not matter what I do, so daily weighing is not helping me out at all. 
  4. Water, and fluid intake is so important! I get dehydrated super fast, and it's hard to catch back up.
I don't have some dramatic thing to post about, I'm just still learning my new stomach, my new emotions, and my new experiences. I always been so open about my weight loss I thought this would be easy to be open about too, but it's not. It feels so much for personal this time. So much more is riding on this. 

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